Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400

BeoMaster 2400 Volume

This beautiful piece of design from Bang & Olufsen is now 36+ years old. Some features include touch sensitive controls (pioneered on the Beomaster 1900 a year earlier), an ultrasonic remote control and 5 preset FM stations.

BeoMaster 2400 PCB

As with most electronic equipment, electrolytic capacitors are common points of failure. A summary of why this can happen is explained here. Replacing these and the bridge rectifiers, also known to be a problem point, will significantly extend its useful life.

Assembly of BeoMaster 2400

It’s quite a complicated assembly, mainly due to its compact design.

BeoMaster 2400 Removed Electrolytics

The replacements are all smaller than their 70’s counterparts and long-life versions have been chosen where possible. The rectifiers have been swapped for uprated versions.

BeoMaster 2400 Replaced Capacitors and LDR Volume Control

The replaced components can be found in the table below and have been highlighted in the BeoMaster 2400 Service Manual.

B&O Reference Type Value Replacement Part # Mfg V Rated Hours Link
4200098 Cap 100uF EEUFR1H101 Panasonic 50V 6000 @ 105°C Link
4201065 Cap 10uF EEUEB1J100S Panasonic 63V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200298 Cap 1uF EEUEB1J1R0S Panasonic 63V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200296 Cap 2.2uF EEUEB1J2R2S Panasonic 63V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200332 Cap 2200uF MAL202117222E3 Vishay 40V 8000 @ 85°C Link
4200097 Cap 220uF EEUEB1E221S Panasonic 25V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200100 Cap 22uF EEUEB1H220S Panasonic 50V 7000 @ 105°C Link
4201061 Cap 4.7uF EEUEB1J4R7S Panasonic 63V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200092 Cap 47uF EEUFR1J470 Panasonic 63V 5000 @ 105°C Link
4200305 Cap 5000uF ECOS1VP682CA Panasonic 35V 3000 @ 85°C Link
4200109 Cap 470uF EEUFR1C471 Panasonic 10V 6000 @ 105°C Link
8310275 B.R GSIB2520-E3/45 Vishay / I.R Link
8300277 B.R VS-KBPC602PBF Vishay / I.R Link
5370174 Pot 220R CB10LV221M Tyco Link

15 thoughts on “Bang & Olufsen Beomaster 2400”

  1. Hello Oliver, I spotted your link on the B&O Facebook site regarding this recent repair of yours to the 2400, most impressive! I own the 3500 which looks very similar on the inside. Recently I blew something like a fuse while attempting to insert my headphone jack when a CD was still playing (silly move I know, now!) anyhow I had hoped it would be an easy task replacing the ‘blown fuse’.. well I’ve only found 3 fuses and they all appear to be ok. Do you by any chance have a suggestion as to what else it might be I could look for? I’ve had the Beomaster hooked up to a nice pair of powered BeoLab 2500’s so unless they have something installed which might have blown?… or the Beogram CD3500 itself?
    Any worthwhile suggestions or links to further information would be greatly appreciated, heres hoping:)
    Kind regards
    Wayne Gibson
    PS: also the internal Din plugs connecting to the Phono & CD leads seem a little fragile (only one Phono channel working) so I’m keen to track down a source for replacement Din sockets also.. cheers.

  2. What would the most likely cause of a Beomaster 2400 taking several minutes to warm up? Until the unit warms up the unit hums.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Marc – The two large 5000uF capacitors in the power supply (see part #ECOS1VP682CA). The whole unit is quite awkward to take apart – good luck!

  3. Solder all suspect joints. Those diode bridges don’t fail as much as the solder joints on them do. Thick leads and heated thru use. There are these signs that you can use to find suspect joints. External jacks that are mounted on the circuit board, another failure point. Still have the cassette deck somewhere, it is 12 volt internally you could put it in a car.

  4. Hello I recently acquired a Beomaster 2400 and the FM 1 does not light up, or when pushed turn off any other FM that is lit up. What is the easiest fix?

    1. I followed the service manual, linked in my post above which is a pretty good guide. It’s fiddly and need a bit of patience though. Good luck!

  5. Great Blog Oliver. I bought a Beomaster 2400 at a garage sale for ten bucks. I cleaned it up as it was filthy, it looks okay now. When you switch it on, the power light turns on. The problem is that when you touch the pad to choose a function, the display lights up, then shuts off. The only thing you get is a click when you go down the functions…If you wait a bit…it will resume the display problem. Any ideas?…..Thanks, Joe.

  6. I have taken the Beomaster 2400 covers off. Then i plugged it in and using a pair of headphones I can hear the FM radio playing, but at low volume. As stated above, I can switch between the channels and functions (phono and tape) by touching the pins that the copper “springs” usually touch. BUT the pins that control the volume up and down are completely unresponsive. I went through the board on which the volume (up and down) pins reside and reflowed a number of the soldering points, though seeing none that were obviously flawed.

    The sliders work well and responsively asI’ve used some Fadbrlube on them. .

    Any suggestions beside replacing ALL the caps on the Beomaster? How much does a “capacitor kit” cost?

  7. Hello Oliver. Thank you for posting your experience and especially for providing the conversion table.

    I currently have a beomaster 2400 lying around that “has not been functioning properly” as in it’s sound is off (buttons and lights are fine). I suspect this to be the capacitors. Preferably I’d just order all the replacement parts as a ‘kit’ and take the machine apart only once to replace every capacitor in it. However, to do this I’d need to know the number of capacitors I’ll have to order. Do you happen to know how many of each capacitor you replaced?

    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hey Oliver,
    looks like you are very tech savvy!

    Are you also familiar with the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 12?
    I was wondering if a specialist like you could give me a hint on this problem:

    Everytime I plug that speaker into the power outlet, I have to manually turn on the speaker by its power on button. After this, I have to wait until it booted to turn on the wifi. Which is very annoying.

    My other Bang & Olufsen speaker, the A8, boots up and starts wifi once I plug it into the power outlet.

    Is this also possible for the Beolit 12 with some of your hacks?

    Kind regards,

  9. Hi Oliver-
    1 have 2400, but the left speaker channel is not working, so I can not get a stereo. When the speaker is connected to #1 speaker or 32 speakers on the left, there is no sound. After adjusting the balance, it will only generate the sound at the top of the balance adjustment control.

    Is there a way to fix the left side, yes. Is there a fuse that is broken or is it something else?

  10. Hello-As anyone had trouble with, and suggestions for 1970’s Beomaster 2400 not holding radio channels and skipping between them. Also, while the turn table is playing, it will skip to a radio station. Any thoughts??

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