Hadron ORD Bot 3D Printer Build

This is my first 3D printer build based on the Hadron ORD bot design. It’s made from an extrusion called MakerSlide which allows the design to be pretty low cost and robust. Because of the hollow profile it allows most cable routing to be run through the centre of the profiles, keeping the build nice and clean.

Hadron ORD 3D Printer Back

For the electronics, I chose the Azteeg X1. It’s low cost and tiny. It can run most available firmware and fully integrates everything needed. The standard connectors have been swapped for 0.1″ screw terminals.

Hadron ORD 3D Printer Front

The Stepstruder MK7 is used as the extruder. It takes 1.75mm filament and comes with a stock nozzle with an extrusion diameter of 0.4mm. The small PCB above the extruder (MakerBot safety cutoff switch) is a hardware safety cut off designed to cut power if the extruder overheats for any reason.

Hadron ORD 3D Printer Side

All of the cabling is run through 8mm stainless steel extension springs. By using proper connectors throughout, the idea is that every moving part can simply be unplugged, rather than having to be desoldered or other less than ideal solutions. A standard multipole connector was used for motors and the extruder, JST-XH used for the bed limit switch / bed thermistor and a high current EC3 connectors (rated at 60A continuous) for the heatbed 12V supply.

A few improvements were made to the standard Hadron mechanics including swapping the default 1mm steel motor mounts for 3mm stainless steel laser cut brackets and flexible motor couplers. A new modified laser cut bed mount was designed to include cable routing and spring clamps.

Azteeg X1 on Hadron ORD 3D Printer

The cabling was a mix of LÜTZE Superflex 4 core cable for motors, twisted pairs from a good quality ethernet cable and high temperature silicone cable for the heat bed. 

5 thoughts on “Hadron ORD Bot 3D Printer Build”

  1. VERY NICE build and wiring dude!

    I am getting ready to buy this frame here and build one:

    Back-in-the-day I used to be in the industrial electronics industry and built a lot of re-configurable things out of DIN-rail mounted modules. Cuz it’s super-reconfigurable and I’m always changing up stuff. Sometimes we’d even build the modules. On our build, I’ll use DIN rail for a lot of the electronics and I’ll share that w/you when it’s complete – makes for a nice, neat, snap-on/snap-off design for all the electronics and accessories. Like how’d you like to have a snap-on Power Supply with a separate snap-on circuit breaker w/ground fault, and a snap-on set of screw-down plastic terminal blocks?

    Cheers from OBXDIY Makerspace in Kitty Hawk, NC…more later on our build.

    1. That is the best cabling I have seen as well! great job!
      I am almost done building an Ord bot with a Diamond hot end and my wiring will not be nearly as nice as yours.
      I have been looking for an Ord Bot Hadron community but I haven’t found anything out there. There is only a Facebook group that I recently joined that a friend of mine started. It needs some good people with Ord Bot experience to join! Here is the link:


  2. Thats the best cabling of the Hadron I’ve seen. Thanks for posting. I’ve just finished building my Hadron but want to redo the cabling after seeing yours. Please tell me, where did you get the steel extension springs and the connectors? I’ve googled high and low and can’t find where to get them.

    1. Thanks! I’m in the UK and purchased them from Tested Spring – If you phone them up and ask about 8mm diameter (measures 7.2mm) stainless steel extension springs (I had both 0.81 and 0.91mm wire) in long lengths they should be able to help you out and sell direct. I think they were 1 metre lengths that they had to hand.

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