ncase M1

A build with the ncase M1; my first mini-ITX build without many compromises.

Schematic for soft-blinking HDD load light
StarTech 45cm Rounded SATA cableslink
New Power Button -12mm vandal switch w white LEDlink
HDD LED – Any flat topped white LEDlink
LED Clip – 5mm cliplink
470uF Capacitor – I had 16ZLG470MEFC10X12.5 to handNA
Almost any diode – I had 1N5817G to handNA
Resistor between 600 – 1000 Ohms – I had a 680 Ohm to handNA
Nitrile Rubber O-Ring 12mm x 1mmlink
25mm rubber blanking pluglink
M2.5 fibre washers (these are a tight / centred fit unlike the correct M3 fibre washers)link
M3 x 6mm Socket Countersunk – case screwslink
M3 x 8mm Socket Flanged Button Screw – Motherboard and hard drive grommet screwslink
M3 x 4mm Nylon sleeve / spacer for hard drive grommetslink
M3 x 4mm Socket Button Screw – Bracket screwslink
M3 x 4mm Low Head Cap Screw – Case screwslink
Power supply cable / pins / connectors and removal toollink

21 thoughts on “ncase M1”

  1. Do you have a Youtube channel as well with this kind of content on it? I would love to see this post turned into a longer video if possible. Maybe I can share on it on my website.

  2. HI,

    Oliver can you please tell me what wires you connected for the power button. a bit dumb for the diagram you posted sorry.

  3. Hey Oliver, I also try to make a custom cable but something went wrong. Can you maybe post some details Offenbach the Pinout? However I don’t have the original cable…

  4. I really like this mod and I’m also trying to do the hdd led like in the video, but I just cannot figure out how to place the led with the clip to get the same kind of light cone. Can anyone help?

  5. man this is amazing! do you have any more progress pictures of the power button/led mod? or any more completed pics?

    1. I’ll try and get some more up – but apart from the video and when its in pieces I have no others at the moment – waiting on a bigger light tent.

      1. Looking forward to it. I would love to know how that power button and activity light are done. its literally perfect. id seriously pay $5 for a guide to do it haha

      2. Was just wondering what voltage of the vandal switch you got? I am looking to get one to do this mod but dont know if i should get 3,6,12v? I am not worrying about the activity led at the moment, just the power button. I think the 3v would be best for connecting it to the power led pins on the motherboard correct?

      3. I used a 6V vandal switch, but 3V would work with a resistor (unless you wanted it much brighter)

      4. ok thanks. hopefully my 3v works, i dont know what resistor i would need and dont want to blow the led. brightness doesnt really matter as long as its not super dim. once i get this done ill give the activity led a shot. really looking forward to the more detailed pics! thanks

  6. Very nice !

    May i ask for the lenghts of the cables if by any chance you have them?
    And how loaud is the PSU under load?
    Thank you.

    1. It’s a bit tricky to measure the lengths now they are in the case. The best way is to make one end up, plug it in it’s actual position and then form the cables to the correct path. Then you can cut / crimp to length.

      1. I understand no problem. I also ordered one.
        A few more questions.

        1.The motherboard is the Asus P8z77 ?
        2.And the cooler Noctua but what model? L12 ?
        3.And what temps do you have with your processor?

        Thank you again.

      2. No problem – I used the P8Z77-I DELUXE as I already had a i5-2500K. Again, I re-used the notcua NH-C12P but changed the fan for the bigger NF-A15 PWM. Current temperatures with ambient temps at 22.5C / desktop workload, CPU is at 42°C and system is 40°C but both fans are running below 600RPM.

  7. I love the power switch. I’d love to do the same to my M1. Was it difficult to do? Did you really have to buy 100 of those 12mm switches from AliExpress?

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